A foreigner loan is a loan that borrow an amount of money to foreigner with a valid work permit or any other valid permit in Malaysia. If you are an expatriate living in Malaysia, you will know how difficult and complicated it is to secure a loan from banks. This is especially stressful if you are in need of fast cash and are being overwhelmed with the long approval process. However, one simple way you can obtain extra cash is by applying for foreigner loan with us.

At Potential Credit, as a longstanding licensed moneylender in Malaysia, we have seen hundreds if not thousands of foreigners walking through our doors, happy and satisfied with our foreigner loan. we offer fast cash loans for foreigners that can help to go through the difficult situation that you currently are in. You do not need to pay for expensive international wire transfers or trying to get a loan through an institution in your home country which will save you a lot of time. If it is for an emergency situation, you can even get your cash in 5 to 15 minutes just as long as you submit the right documents. In paying for your foreigner loan, you can also choose a scheme that fits your requirements.

Be it for things like medical expenses, visa issues or even legal fees, Potential Credit has the expertise and experience to walk you through the process in getting a foreigner loan with us in order to meet all of your financial obligations. We aim to provide a quick personal loan, payday loan and fast cash foreigner loans to every customer. Furthermore, our loan assistants are bilingual in both English and Chinese, making them capable of explaining the entire loan terms and conditions to your complete understanding.

As one of the most trusted credit/loan companies in Singapore, you need not worry about your financial woes anymore. To get more detailed information or start the foreigner loan process, simply call us now or visit us today.

Documents Required:

1. NRIC / Foreigner (Work Permit & Passport)
2. Payslip and Letter of Employment – (If your Company provides)
3. Proof of Residence Address – (For Borrower do not Own any Property(i.e. Tenancy Agreement (For Rented Property) / Latest Phone Bills or Electricity / Water Bills)
4. Latest Bank Statement Indicated Your Salary Credited In

**Remarks: Borrowers can always get the-above mentioned Documents printed in our Office.**

* All applicants must be 21 years old and above.
** Income Requirement : Minimum gross monthly income of RM2,000.